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To keep your clothes looking beautiful for longer, your Laurastar requires appropriate and regular servicing.

Laurastar’s service advisers are always available to answer all your questions. Thorough, efficient and reliable, they provide tailored service and offer you personalised advice.

Laurastar also has a team of around forty technicians and engineers who are trained to deal with your technical problems when you need repair or maintenance. Thanks to their unique expertise, they will provide your appliance with the care and skills it deserves.

Care and maintenance

To ensure the longevity of your Laurastar appliance, it is important to look after it by carrying out regular maintenance. Here is some advice from our experts.

Firstly, you should know that Laurastar ironing systems and steam generators are designed to work only with tap water. To keep them in good condition, you should never add water containing chemical products or water collected from the dryer as this will affect their operation. It is also highly recommended to use Laurastar anti-scale granules and cartridges, as well as tap water, to help prevent limescale build-up and, therefore, allow you to get the full benefit of your Laurastar for longer. Anti-scale granules or cartridges must be replaced regularly.

The boiler must also be rinsed the first time you use your Laurastar. This step must be repeated every month or after every 10 hours of ironing. To do this, the appliance must be cool, off and unplugged. Warning: never use scaling or other chemical products to rinse the boiler. Laurastar appliances must only be rinsed with water!

Repairing your Laurastar

During warranty period (24 months), Laurastar Consumer Service offers free repairs on your ironing system or steam generator.

After that, the maintenance service is charged.